This has been a joy of a job. The Cornish Chicken Company‘s first website is now live, and I’ve had a lovely time working with farmer Louise Wilson, chatting about all things chicken.

I’ve known Louise for years; and have to admit I was surprised when she announced she’d become a free-range chicken farmer. Then I was less surprised – she’s a fantastic chef, and she lives on the family farm. It all made sense. Louise had spotted a gap in the market for free-range chicken reared in Cornwall (there wasn’t any), and in real entrepreneurial style, went about filling it. Now she supplies some of Cornwall’s best restaurants, as well as running stalls at local farmers’ markets and selling at farm shops.

Why has copywriting about Cornish chickens been such fun? Well, lots of reasons really. I rarely work with friends or family, so when I do, I thoroughly enjoy it. Then there were the trips down the stunning coast road to Louise’s farm in remote West Cornwall to see the chicks in situ. I also had the opportunity to work with the marvellous ­Meor Design in St Ives. I’ve admired their stuff for ages, mainly as they kitted out one of my favourite lurk-spots, The Hub.

Above all, it was great to write about a product I really believe in. As well as tasting superb (the slow-growing breed Louise uses has a lovely, gamey flavour, thanks to its robust lifestyle on the cliffs), it’s so wonderful to see such considered animal husbandry in action. What I’ve rather euphemistically called “the whole process” is carried out on site, removing that stressful final journey for the mature chickens. If you care about the provenance of your food, watching these chooks in action in their beautiful meadow is a really marvellous sight. There should be a category of chicken called “Extremely Free Range”.

Have a look at the website and enjoy Ruaraidh Monies’ evocative photography. The design, images and words have worked together to capture both the wildness of the Cornish coast and the fun of Louise’s young family down on the farm. As I said, a total joy.