We all know we need to write blogs – but let’s be honest, keeping a blog going is a bit of a commitment.

Used properly, a blog is a great tool. It’s a lovely, lively way to connect with new and current customers, while injecting a bit of personality into your brand. It lets people know what’s going on, is an extremely easy and cost-effective way of updating your offers and services, and most of all, it’s a great big indicator that your company is alive and well and open for business. And of course, search engines need you to write a blog.

However – a blog is for life. If a potential customer is checking out your website and sees that your last blog post was in January 2013, the alarm bells start ringing… The other main issue is that not everyone enjoys writing blogs; and the culture of blogging has forced writing onto many people who’d really rather not.

The solution is simple. Hand over your blog post writing to me, and I’ll make sure that you have great quality blog content. I can work with you to create a blog diary (often called a content calendar), so you’ll know you have a schedule of articles ready to post.

typewriter-28701_1280It doesn’t matter what your business area is – I cover all sorts of topics, and can use whatever tone of voice your audience likes.

Prices start at just £40 per blog post. Contact me at kate@katewaddon.co.uk to find out how we can blog togther.