What can I do for you?


Write some words

Well, yes, that’s the obvious answer.  However there’s more to it than simply writing copy – it’s all about finding the right voice for you and your organisation. Perhaps you need some background research carrying out. If you are working on your website, I will work with your web team to ensure your search engine optimisation (SEO) terms work for you, without that horrible clumsiness that SEO copy can have.


Blog writing 

We all start with good intentions – then life takes over… I can keep your customers updated by looking after your blog or e-newsletters for you. A well-written blog gives your website that all-important content as well as entertaining your audience.


Write signage and interpretation

This is a specialist area.  If you have an exhibition, a temporary display, or just need directional signage that people actually read, contact me to discuss your project.  My background is in heritage and tourism, so I really understand what’s needed to make your interpretative words work.  I will work with you and your designers to ensure your material is accessible to as many people as possible.


Catalogue copywriting

Small, but perfectly formed, writing catalogue copy is about crafting miniature stories that captivate in a few, simple sentences.  A terse product description isn’t enough – it’s the verbal equivalent of leaving your shop window empty.


Proofread and copy edit

There are a lot of us out there who become terribly upset by misplaced apostrophes.  But there’s more to checking text than that. Ensuring readability is essential: for example, do you have to explain something quite technical to a largely rookie audience?  Does the audience know what “rookie” means, indeed…?


Comment and advise

It’s so easy to become too close to your subject.  Sometimes just an extra pair of eyes can help. I will discuss your intended audience with you, and ensure your text will appeal to them, and that they understand your message.

If you have a policy that you need lots of people to read, but suspect that they won’t (health and safety manuals, staff handbooks and other jolly bedtime reading), send it over.  I can make it simple, straightforward and lively, without losing the essential messages or your corporate style.


FullSizeRender How do we work together?

How do you like to work?   I’ll work to suit you.

Contact me to discuss your project, and we’ll take it from there. I’ll agree costs and timescales with you at the start, so you know where you are.  Fees can be per hour or per project – again, I’ll discuss this with you so we can work out what represents the best value for you. I live and work in Cornwall – copywriting, however, has no geographical boundaries…

To find out more, please drop me a line at kate@katewaddon.co.uk.