All you need to write is an email.

It’s tempting to produce your own text.  However, for fresh, clear, cost-effective copywriting that really speaks to your customers, send me a quick email and I’ll do the rest.

Trying to find time to write text for your new website, brochure, signage or blog? Outsourcing your copywriting to me will leave you free to concentrate on all the other aspects of your business.  Even if your own text is excellent, it’s hard to craft perfect prose when you are fielding the constant interruptions of the operational day.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter in Cornwall since 2008. My background is in heritage/tourism and retail management, with a dash of academic research.  However, like all good copywriters, I can communicate in any field.  And anyway, this website isn’t about me –  it’s about what I can do for you.

With my blog writing service starting at just £40 per post, it just makes sense to hand the whole blogging thing over. I can also work with you to create a blog diary so you know that your website will always be fresh and relevant.

Don’t waste time slaving over a hot keyboard. To find out how we can work together, contact



I’m a Cornwall-based copywriter working with clients across the UK. If you would like to read some of my work, please drop me a line with a few details about your project, and I’ll email you relevant samples.