As from last month, working from home has got a lot easier. Yes, I am still plagued by cats and distracted by housework. But – Superfast Broadband has reached our corner of Cornwall, and I am surprised by how much difference it’s made.

I’m afraid that my initial shallow response was “Ooh, Netflix!” But – to be more serious – the benefits for a copywriter that works from home have been fantastic.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, like many freelance people in rural West Cornwall I mostly work remotely. The ability to chat through websites without long, uncomfortable silences as the website creaks to life, and upload documents to Dropbox to share with clients is brilliant. Skype now works. OK, I still panic about how tidy the shelves behind me look and always wish I’d remembered to brush my hair first, but I don’t have the embarrassment of suddenly dropping out of the conversation.

It’s also increased my potential working hours to beyond the school run, as I can continue to work without losing connection speed as my kids download various random and huge things. Online research doesn’t grind to a halt because My Little Pony games are happening at the other end of the room.

Productivity and efficiency are increased, thanks to a little green cabinet by the hedge, next to a farm.

And to be honest, I just feel less out-on-a-limb.