“You’re a writer and you don’t even blog!”

I put down my quill. “I do! Just for other people, that’s all…OK, fine, fine. I’ll do it. OK, right. Next week, coz I’ve got all this catalogue stuff to do this week and…”

“Hum”, said Husband/Small Business Advisor.

When I’d finished some low-level grumping and prepared my parchment, I gave the matter some proper thought. Yes, I’m a freelance writer and I’ve actually provided copywriting for shedloads of websites; but short of faffing about on Facebook, writing as my own fair self has hardly grazed the internet.

It was time to blog.

I began my blogging life in a low-tech way. I bought two books, then sat down with a coffee and a ballpoint.

And several espressos and scribbling on Post-Its later, here we go.


I am a blogger.