It’s been a busy old summer so far – a nice mix of new and returning clients, which is perfect for business. I was very happy to get a call from a regular client, Abbas Marquees, to write their new website copy.

I’ve worked with James and Nina Dickson at Abbas Marquees a few times over the years. One of the really great things about having a long-term relationship with a client is seeing how the business develops. Every time I work with them, it feels that they’ve expanded yet further.

Suddenly we have these amazing tipis (tents used by nomadic Norse tribes. Great for packing up and hauling over icy fjords, even better for parties), outdoor kitchens, five-star portable lavatories and permanent outdoor structures.

The tricky thing about this is making sure the copy does not become too crammed. There’s a lot to say; and the trick is to make sure you don’t try to say it all! For example, Abbas offers a huge range of marquee accessories. Chandeliers, lighting-up disco floors, Bedouin-style drapes, braziers – plus all the practical stuff like chairs, tables and lighting. Add to this a range of services (project management, sourcing catering and entertainment, actually putting up the tents), and there’s a lot on offer.

I suppose the style I aim for is “busy but not bombarding”. I want to get across the incredible energy of these people without exhausting the reader! The key is highlighting a diverse range of services without the tedium of lists. Abbas Marquees really do pull rabbits out of hats for their clients, so we emphasise that there is a lot more on offer, and you just need to ask…

What’s the tone for this? James and Nina have always given me a pretty free rein with this, so to be honest this copy is probably closer to my natural voice than many things I write. A lot of their clients are looking for wedding venues or marquees for events so we’re looking for approachability, reassurance and professionalism, plus a sense of fun. For anything to do with weddings it’s essential to build up both rapport and trust.

I really like Teapot Creative’s website – very visual with a nice, clear layout.  I hope it works for Abbas Marquees and that their business continues to grow. And for me it’s always a joy of a job as writing about events and celebrations can’t help but lift the spirits. Trying very hard to come up with an excuse for a Nordic-style tipi party…